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Messr Moony and Padfoot in PJs by mithua Messr Moony and Padfoot in PJs by mithua

I haven't drawn HP related fanart in ages. But I had a primal urge o draw two of my favourite characters...that and my firend Lauren requested it...

I grew lazy when it came to the clothes...sorry about that. But the airbrush does give it a sleepy look. I think so anyway. :D

Remus Lupin and Sirius Black are (c) J.K Rowling
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ravendarksky Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2007
Ahhh if only JK had paid you to do her book covers. MUCH better artwork than the people who do her offical stuff.

You definetly have a cool style going on.
mithua Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2007
Lol! Now that would be something. :D But you're being too nice to me.

Thank you very much though. I'm so glad you like this.
ravendarksky Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2007
Nah I wouldn't say it if i didnt mean it =P
yume-darling Featured By Owner May 13, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
This is verrryyyy pretty and they ARE handsome. XDD I like the way you colored everything but somehow, in my humble opinion, I see a difference between the way you colored the hair and the clothes and I think you should try to make the clothes not QUITE as mushy-looking. Also, it's nice to use other colors to make shadows in such. By using the same color, there's not much contrast unless you utilize the white spaces effectively.

So yeah.... just my opinion. :] I like it very much though!
mithua Featured By Owner May 13, 2005
^^ Thank you very much!

I know there is a BIG difference in how I coloured their hair and clothes. I'll be honest in that, I grew very lazy towards the end of this drawing. And I personally hate colouring and shading clothes. So to save myself time and effort I just did that. :( Very bad of me I know.

But thanks, for the tips, I'll definiately keep that in mind next time! :D
Marzipanapple Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2005  Professional General Artist
:o That hair *is* lovely!! I like your style so much. The elongated faces are something new (and actual noses! XD I usually see just a triangle for a nose in HP fanart). They both look incredibly handsome. One thing I might suggest though is to make the 'shine' in their eyes a bit smaller. It might bring out the eyes/eye color a lot more.

Very gorgeousoo. :3
mithua Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2005

I'm so flattered that you like my style of drawing- and that you think they're handsome! And I love colouring hair and this was so much fun to do..messy bedhair XD

And I'll take note of eye shine-age. I don't usually do the eye shine so big but I thought I'd try it this time round. Thank you so much for your comment!

Einheitstochter Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2005  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter

Oh, the hair is wonderful!
mithua Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2005
:D Thank you very much!
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April 10, 2005
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