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Break Away by mithua Break Away by mithua
Oh my...

This was a nightmare and a half.

I drew this all the way back in July for an art competition, took me three days straight to finish his Akatsuki cloak. The ink I was going to use ended up looking more navy than black so I had to grab my wee fineliners ( read correctly...FINEliners) and started to ink his coat. I would have used a thick black permanent marker if I had one. But I didn't. And I'm poor.

I rather like this drawing and I put it up on my wall and everything. But getting a damn photo (no scanner...did I mention I was poor?) without the flash reflecting in the ink, and getting a somewhat clear shot altogether was HARD.

But innovative thinking won in the end and voila. It is finally up here. Albeit not as good as it would look had I scanner that could fit this image in. But you can't win them all. If I ever get round to finding a scanner I will scan this in and make it look nicer.

But yeah. Story over. Hope you like.

I'm going to bed.

P.S: Lame title I know, but I dare you lot to come up with a better one. No really...

Uchiha Itachi belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.
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Prince-Yuki Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2008
Wow! I love the feeling I get from this! Such a sense of darkness and evil radiates from this picture like none I've ever seen!
ravendarksky Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2007
Wow :) very cool. I would like to see the full picture though sometime, its hard to judge from DA photos!

Inking to that detail is tricky... this must have taken you ages!

If i'd done it there would be loads of smudges heh :)

Keep up the good work :)

oh and it was cool hanging out the other night, sorry if i rambled on about photos and changed the music alot... was trying to keep you from getting bored! heh
mithua Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2007
I did smudge it occaisionally, but the smudges were skillfully hidden by the 'wing' coming out from the hair. Speaking of hair, that was a bit hard to do actually. Was trying to give it a slightly more three dimensional look but failed. So the whole image looks a bit flat. I still like it though.

Yeah, this did take me ages to ink. You can't see in the photo but I managed to make some cool patterns with the fineliners.

And I enjoyed the other night. Got to hear loads of good music and see some nice photos, wasn't bored at all. We should do it again some time. :)
humour-me Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2007
wow...its actually up!!
mithua Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2007

About bleedin' time too.

On afterthought, I think I should have taken this photo in natural light. Wouldn't have looked so yellow.
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October 22, 2007
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