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March 3, 2005
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Anko and Shizune by mithua Anko and Shizune by mithua
I like this! actually has a REAL background.

I was going to colour this in, but I realised I like it too much as it is to colour it. *cough*-too-lazy-*cough* Also, I'm teh worst hand-drawer ever, so I apologise profusely for their mangles claws (and Anko's rather wierd arm - check me...trying to give her sleeve wrinkles) XD. Also, Anko has a dango in her mouth. She's not copying Genma.

Anyway, as much as I like shounen ai, I must admit, I like shoujo ai too. And I think Anko and Shizune would be soo cute if they got together. Anko's so wild and flamboyant and Shizune's quite proper and tries her hardest to keep Tsunade out of trouble. So you know, opposites attract. XDD

In fact, since they're so cute, I'm planning writing a fanfic about them. XDD

But, whenever I decide to not be lazy, I'll colour this in.
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look! Anko's coping a feel! XD
Colour it in, Colour it in :P But leave up this copy too!
Ugh....soooooo lazy. :sleep:

I may get round to it. One day. Perhaps.

Until then, you can take a stab at colouring it if you want.
Hah, you dont want me colouring it in trust me =)
Wooah-ho, someone's copp'n a feel. XD
This is adorable. I like the hair a lot, and you do expressions well.
I don't know what sort of technique you use to do arms/hands/legs, so if I tell you something you already know please feel free to smack me. ;) Using circles and cylinders for legs/arms works very well. I do legs/arms horribly if I don't use the stick/flesh method...which is first making stick figure arms (with a circle at where the elbow should be) and then fleshing the sticks out with cylinders where I know muscle should be. Same thing with the hands really. Just make stick fingers and flesh them out a bit (or just wing it and line it where you think it should be lined).

Anyway, you still did a good job. I really like those trees!
Thank you! I'm glad you like the hair and expressions! :D

^^; Yeah...I know it does look like she's groping her, but I meant it in a totally innocent way! But it works with the whole Shoujo Ai I had going on so I left it at that. =p (but I guess the pervert inside me was giggling like mad)!

I do usually use the the stick/flesh method...but I often find the hands so tricky to do. I usually just end up drawing a box shaped thing and wing it from there. But I guess I really should try and put some more effort into drawing hands.

Anyway, thanks so much for commenting! :hug:
They look cute. I think this itself is good enough as a work. You know just a linework not colored looks neat like a coloring book. I agree with you about the arms and hands, but you did really well with the trees in the BG using zigzag lines effectively to express leaves. ^^
Thank you very much! :hug: I was hoping the background would look alright, and I am quite proud of the trees! :D
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