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Androgynous Sirius by mithua Androgynous Sirius by mithua
Heh heh...all hardcore Sirius Black fans please forgive me :please:...

This is Sirius Black from a fic by Dragon Mistress called "Black." ([link] read it now or I shall smite you)!

Her interpretation of Sirius was so cool, I had to draw him. Androgynous Sirius is just too good to miss. Ok...firstly, I know JKR siad Sirius' eyes are grey but Dragon Mistress likes them as dark blue, and since this is her fanfic, I made them dark blue. I wanted to draw him with black lipstick, however the fic said red, so red it was. And his jewellery is technically supposed to be silver...but I drew them black before I found out. But his ear ring is silver! So I think I should get brownie points for that.

About the's rainy, London...the rougher parts (think of the East End). It was originally going to be a bloody background (yes...blood...makes you curious about the fic, no? Go read it now! you comment on the pic but before you go read it...that would be muchly appreciated ;)), but a rainy London was easier to do.

On a final note children...smoking is a bad, nasty habit to get into and I would not recommend it, even if Sirius is doing ain't healthy!
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CatNior Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2004
hehehe, a very pretty Padfoot indeed. And the red lipstick is cool, it draws your attention straith to his mouth. [swats at the mental images] and the hair is very shiny, it really looks like he's standing in the rain.

Sirius as a goth, hmm.... [pic and fic ideas start bitting at Arra's heels] No! I have to many things I need to finish! Any Goth!Siri plotbunnies that actually get created are going to be viciously dedicated to you I hope you know. ;)
mithua Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2004
Yay! Goth!Sirius fics dedicated to me! What more could a girl want! ;)
Bee-Shi Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2004
very cool. i like the idea muchly and the hazy background is cool :D. i hate drawing backgrounds, myself.
mithua Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2004
:D Thanks! I try to avoid backgrounds most of the time...but this picture looked so bare without I had to get a few wrinkles doing this one! =p
greendesire Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2004
i just saw the moovviee i just saw the was so amazinngg...this is really pretty...i am writing this comment while singing the words...I am such a looooseer.
mithua Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2004
Yay! The Movie was awesome wasn't it! :D Singing the words while writing the comment is a loser-ish thing to do, but I'll forgive you ;)
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June 4, 2004
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